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Hello everyone! 

My oh my what a packed year this has been for all of us. First my most sincere wish that you are all being very safe and careful for those you love and that love you. This covid thing has caused a lot of drama and heartache, etc. for most everyone. But I submit that it also has had some wonderful benefits as well. I see on all fronts a deepening empathy and concern for our fellow members of the human race all over the planet.  So much extra care to keep our loved ones safe and as free from causal contamination as possible. Though the limits are slowly easing I still wear my mask in public until I arrive at my destination and am around others that have been fully vaccinated.

This trying time has also produced for me a most wonderful chapter in my life. That would be the finding of a new love in my life in the person of Linda Purl for which I am most grateful. We would not have connected if her Broadway play continued and I remained in Canada to finish the film I was there to do. But we ended up zooming for 2-3 hours every single day for over 2 months. We got to know so much about each other and talk about our entire lives so deeply that my drive to Colorado from Oregon was the most natural choice to make and we have been together now for a year.

We completed a movie for Lifetime which was the first time in our careers that we worked together. Playing a husband and wife no less. It is a movie that exposes a very difficult ‘true’ story called Doomsday Mom. It was a joy to work with such a talented actress and I look forward to many more such times.

My entire family has been vaccinated, only waiting for the two youngest grandchildren to get theirs.

Linda has several projects coming;  She is doing a virtual ‘live' concert in NYC on the 15th of June and soon will start rehearsals for a play in Santa Barbara about Rosemary Clooney titled Tenderly.  Both of which will be fantastic.

Now that TV production is ramping up again my fingers are crossed that my part  on FX's ON THE VERGE will return.

In March I turned 72 and am so grateful to have my friends and my love and my health and I wish the same for each and everyone of you. Till the next update please take care of yourselves.

For now, much love.
Patrick Duffy Author Man From Atlantis

Last updated June 3, 2021.
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