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Hello everyone.  I know I have not posted an update here in years and I have no excuse other than as you may have guessed over these years that I am a pretty private person. However so much has and is happening in my life I would like you all to hear it directly from me than from other perhaps not so reliable sources.

It was a very long 4 years for me since 2017 but my family was a sunny morning each day and the bedrock on which I was building the foundation for the rest of my life. I was sincerely content with what I knew the rest of my life was to be.  I was as happy as I thought I could be.  Surrounded by the boys and their wives and my 4 grandchildren. Content was the perfect word. All sadness became a memory and not an open wound. The scar will always remain to remind me of the beautiful 46 years I had.

Then covid hit and though I went into immediate isolation for 4 months it was not much different in that being alone had become normal and I read, cooked, chanted, and took care of the ranch where I was quarantined. I began to have nice multiple person texts with a couple close friends.  One of those friends joined the group because of my good friend Richard Thomas. It was Linda Purl. A woman that I first knew of when in 1978 I passed on a project with her and took Dallas instead. Good choice for me. In 2001 I was doing ART in London on the West End and Linda came to see her friend Richard who was in the play with me. We said hello and that was all. Didn’t meet again until 2020 when we were both at a celebrity signing event. We exchanged numbers just to check in every once in a while. Briefly the texting became FaceTime which became just the two of us Zooming every single night for 2-3 hours for over 1 1/2 months. Knowing each other so well by then and because of that we had to see if we actually liked being in each other’s company. So I drove 23 hours, landed on her doorstep and we have been together ever since. Ninemonths now with our chosen anniversary being the 24th of each month.

I am writing this note while Linda and I are in quarantine in Vancouver for 2 weeks prior to starting on a Lifetime movie where we are playing husband and wife. Grandparents of course (but cool, good looking ones!)

I am reaching out more and Linda is a fantastic influence to encourage me to emerge from my protective covering. So I am determined to be much more regular from now on. And Kathy, the wonderful woman who keeps this site going will update the different things I am doing, including when this project will come out. At Linda's urging I also have started responding to wonderful people who have watched my different shows over the years by sending video messages on Cameo. It gives me pleasure to speak directly to those who reach out. So I’d be happy to talk to as many as possible if you like.

For now I am healthy, extremely happy and seeing the sunshine for each day of my future.

I wish only the best for all of you. Stay safe and protect yourself and those you love by adhering to all the protocols. Wear your masks and distance and we all will come out the other side of this covid time the better for it.

For now, much love.
Patrick Duffy Author Man From Atlantis

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